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Clare Carney is a Contemporary British Visual Artist based at The Sanctuary Fine Art Studios in Northampton. 


Her practice is informed by the genre of abstract expressionism evoking feelings of harmony and vitality. She works intuitively with colour, line, form and surface to create original art for everyday living spaces.


Clare has exhibited widely across the UK and in Sweden. In 2021 she exhibited in the Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy, London. Past exhibitions have included: 'Fold', a mixed show at The Sanctuary Fine Art Studios, Northampton, UK (July 2018), 'From the Point of Stillness', a two person show with Karin Hedberg at Chichelle College, Northamptonshire, UK (September 2008), 'Vedic Art', a mixed show in Ytterby, Sweden (August 2008) and 'Changing Spaces', a Public Art installation in Corby, UK (January 2006).


Clare is also a creative practitioner with over 30 years experience working in community and educational settings, facilitating young people's engagement in creativity through the visual arts. Clare founded Northampton Art School for Young Artists in 2013 which celebrated its ten year anniversary last year.


Clare completed a BA degree in Fine Art at York St John's College (1986) and a Postgraduate course in Art teaching at Goldsmith's College, London (1987). She also studied Vedic Art with Curt Kallman in Sweden (2006-2008).


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